The new museum has been designed with schools in mind. Groups can make use of our dedicated learning centre – open to everyone, from school visits to lectures and workshops – while our learning team has created a range of school sessions linked to STEM subjects.

School session options


Includes museum tour and one session (excludes lunchroom facility)
£150 per class


Includes museum tour, one session and lunchroom facility
£175 per class

The WJ Experience

Includes seeing boats in steam, museum tour, one session and lunchroom facility
£200 per class

Select from our facilitated KS1 & 2 school sessions:

(half or full day)

Victorians on the lake

Curriculum links: Geography, History
Learn about Victorian life in Windermere through the exploration of tea and its journey from far-away countries to Windermere.

Art of storytelling

Curriculum links: Art, History, Literacy
Using two historic paintings of Windermere, and the amazing views from the new museum, pupils can explore imagery and descriptive language to create their own unique stories.

Students and Amazons

Curriculum links: History, Literacy
Pupils can explore Arthur Ransome’s classic stories of adventure on Windermere through our unique collection and the landscape surrounding the museum to create their own poem or story.

Maths and mapmaking

Curriculum links: Geography, Maths
Pupils can make a map to guide visitors around the museum. Using maths, models and maps, they will explore how features and distances are recorded in world maps and make their own to navigate the site.

Museum materials

Curriculum links: Art, Design, Engineering, Science
Ever wondered why buildings are the constructed the way they are? How some materials are better deployed for walls, windows and roofs than others? Pupils can investigate the architecture of the museum and build their own visitor attraction.


Curriculum links: Arts, Design, Engineering, Science, Technology
Pupils can learn about the museum’s historic vessels, what they were used for, and the people who owned the boats, before designing and building their own bespoke ‘dream boat’.

Sink or swim - forces

Curriculum links: Art, Design, Science, Technology
Why do boats float? What makes them buoyant? Pupils can conduct experiments to discover how boats stay afloat. They’ll learn about forces, hull design, different material properties and construct their own boat.

Sink or swim - propulsion

Curriculum links: Engineering, Science, Technology
Discover what powers a boat and how it travels through water. Pupils can explore our historic collection of vessels and experiment with electricity, wind power and steam.

Ecology of Windermere

Curriculum links: Citizenship, PSHE, Science
What’s in the water of Windermere? What are common, local lake species? How can we better care for our lakeside environment? Pupils will learn answers to these questions as we uncover what’s living at the lake’s edge.

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